Riot Games wanted to build a massive event hub for the Riot Arcane event, a month-long experience to celebrate the launch of Riot’s first animated series, Arcane.

In Q4 of 2021, the release of Arcane — an animated television series set in the League of Legends universe, would mark Riot’s expansion into the film and entertainment space.  This was a big moment and Riot was looking to leverage this launch to elevate player perceptions around their IP, games and sports with a total ecosystem that weaved all of Riots products together.


A browser based 3D city with seven districts unlocking over time
A big amount of characters in every district
A narrative adventure taking players through all the places on the map
Rewards and easter eggs hidden all over the place
Original artwork and sound design making the experience it’s own thing

Arcane Full View

We designed and produced an entire city with various unique districts in WebGL as an immersive in-browser 3D experience for the RIOT fans to explore and interact with. Evolving over time, players embarked on a narrative adventure and solved missions to earn in-game rewards.

Envar Arcane

The city’s districts were built from all the different RIOT IPs, and inhabited by all the favorite characters telling community driven stories that intertwines all RIOT gaming and publishing experiences. 

During the campaign the city grew and transformed through missions completed by players until it physically manifested at the campaign’s experiential climax at a celebration called Undercity Nights.

People was to come here first thinking it was the launch campaign for Arcane and then be surprised not only with that but with an unexpected move – A moment in time when the Riot metaverse can be experienced all together for the first time.


RiotXArcane was initially projected for 600k visitors, but surpassed all expectations, attracting over 9 million unique visitors(!) With an whopping 5.30-minute average time spent, the engagement far exceeded projections, highlighting the global impact and resonance of this awesome thing we built for half a year. I highly regard this project as a perfect example of the power of digital storytelling and interactive experiences.