TERMINAL is an immersive game designed to simulate a realistic cyberattack, teaching cybersecurity professionals and IT leaders the importance of teamwork, robust security technology, and practiced incident response plans.

Players assume the roles of an IT analyst, manager, and executive, each facing unique challenges as they strive to protect airport systems from escalating cyber threats and ransomware.

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Quite the undertaking, this one. Just getting into all the details of cyber security and turning that into exciting narrative-, game design, cinematics, sound design and music was a ride. The challenge was like playing a game of its own, but the blend of storytelling and tech made it a surprisingly enjoyable rollercoaster.

I was creative lead for a team asked to make a digital version of IBM’s Cyber Range, which simulates cyber breach scenarios to help train teams, wrapped in an interactive narrative.

IBM’s cyber security experts wanted to enable participants from all over the world to experience the impact and dangers of a cybersecurity threat, and feel the pressure that many in the field face.


We designed an interactive simulation inspired by decades of computer games and cinematic experiences, basing it all on a core game loop the player could learn and get better at as the game got progressively more challenging.

On top of that we added cinematic cutscenes, in-game characters, an adaptive musical score, and side stories to drive the core narrative and add atmosphere and extra tension to the experience.


TERMINAL became an intense and challenging game experience leaving players with elevated heartbeats, sweaty palms, and a much better understanding of the nuances and consequences of a cybersecurity breach. Players learn that every action, or lack of, has consequences, and that even when you’re doing what’s right it may still onlv be a case of what’s “most right”.