A game concept about T, a not-too-brave kid who must use music and light to overcome their fear of the dark and save the world (and a whole bunch of annoying tourists from another dimension). In the game, players carry a sphere of light, illuminating the dark areas around them and revealing hidden clues and lore. As they solve puzzles and overcome challenges, their light gets stronger and their confidence grows.

With a little light and courage, the dark isn’t so scary after all.

What I did



Video game prototype



Turn off the dark

Doesn’t everyone want to create a video game where kids learn not to be afraid of the dark by exploring shadowy worlds with their friend, DogBee, a friendly creature from another realm?


This is the odd land of Illum. Explore the veiled city, eerie forests, and the HQ of a corrupted corporation. Restoring light is the core concept of this game — informing everything from narrative to art and gameplay mechanics.


The world we live in can seem like a dark place sometimes. The challenges we face can seem insurmountable. The game offers an experience that resonates deeply — it’s about finding hope in the darkness. This isn’t just a game; it’s a metaphor for resilience.

At its core, this game is about overcoming fear through creativity, courage, and the friendship between a young kid and their loyal companion, DogBee. It’s a game that empowers players to bring light to a dark world.


I sketched out quite a lot of the characters and creatures for this world as well as jump into Unreal Engine to set the look and feel of the game. Here are some of the material, and I’ll add more when I find the right folder on the right computer. Stay tuned