I absolutely loved working with the talented Lana Caster and her team on this game-based learning project aimed at destigmatizing education around menstruation and puberty for 10-14-year-olds. Our awesome team crafted this experience to be engaging and informative, breaking down barriers and fostering open conversations. It was truly a labor of love, and I’m proud of our impact on empowering young individuals across the world with essential knowledge.

What I did



Educational game



Agency / Prod Co

Ogilvy / North Kingdom

North Kingdom

  • Lana Caster : Creative Lead
  • Sara-Lee Rost : Executive Producer
  • Magnus V. Östergren : Experience Director

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Short case study video of the project. Read more below.


Conversations about puberty and menstruation can be seen as a daunting and stigmatised subject. Kotex had a mission to educate girls around period health to communicate menstruating is a natural part of life that should be discussed openly, not hidden. Ogilvy then conceptualised Period Planet – an educational game to educate 10-14 year olds about menstruation. North Kingdom translated this vision and curriculum into the game browser experience – accessible in and outside the classroom.


North Kingdom designed and developed the experience for this initiative where the Kotex curriculum is explored through different game levels, unique gameplay mechanics, and adventures through new environments on the planet.

The four levels of the game covers:

  • Puberty and Signs of Getting a Period
  • How the Uterus Functions
  • Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
  • Period Products & Period Preparedness.


We created Period Planet in WebGL for a low barrier of entry to children for a wide bandwidth of devices and internet connections. The beta has been tested with teachers and students in Australia with an incredible 92% saying they will use it in their teaching curriculum.


Enjoy some random shots from the project. More to come when I dig up the work files from a hard drive that is currently somewhere, somehow and sometime.


Executive Producer Sara-Lee Rost
Producer anthony fernandez
Client Director Frida Helldén
Experience Director Magnus V. Östergren
UX and Creative Lead Lana Caster
UX Designer Lif Hydén
UI Art Director Anton Ahlin
UI Designer Lisa Granlund
3D Art Director Kenny Lindström
3D Lead Mathias Lindgren
3D Artist Isabella Rigodt
Technical Director Erik Eklund
Technical Director Oskar Eriksson
Developer Miha Klasinc
Developer Klas Kroon
Developer Nicholas White
Developer Eva Thorisdottir
Motion Designer Maurits Venekamp
Concept Artist Anton Stenvall
Sound Designer Dani Valkova
QA Manager Key Bjuhr
Strategy Director Lara Gavina