“An artist friendly production tool for making interactive 3D and 2D straight to web.”

I was asked – and happily agreed – to join the team developing Goo Create as to me, a motion graphics and games dude, WebGL (controlled w javascript) and VR production is ridiculously fun and presents an fun vision of what the web can be. I took lead in designing the UI and UX of the tool and also had time over to make a couple of commercial projects, games and VR thingies.

Oh and this also let me play a lot of video games for research which didn’t hurt. At all.


So the main goal of the tool is to enable games- as well as graphics-artists to work directly in the browser with 3D models, artwork, sounds, lights, cameras, animation, physics, interactions, scripts and loads more stuff. Then share with the world and enjoy the benefits as WebGL pretty soon runs on any browser, smartphone, tablet or VR device that supports Html5 and WebGL 3D content.


To convey the purpose and also the easy-access creation tool I designed and created elements to use in the company’s communication as well as in-app for demos, testing, experimenting and so forth.


The UI started off very white. This was just when I joined and the confusion was pretty massive as to what they actually wanted to make. So we started seeing it as a much simpler tool, catering to a broader audience and with that, the option to change how the UI looked to suit the user.