Together with Thomas Oger, I directed and produced a cinematic intro that plays before all of the Swedish Film Industry’s kids’ movies shown in theaters around Sweden. Additionally, we created a series of intro sequences for their digital streaming service with the same purpose. The playful sequences feature four spherical buddies who mess around on screen before coming together to create the SF KIDS logo in the end.


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Svensk Filmindustri
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What I did


Cinematic intro that plays before all of the Swedish Film Industry’s kids’ movies shown in theaters around Sweden.


SF (Svensk Filmindustri) requested a playful logo vignette for SF kids movies across theaters and digital platforms, with the aim to engage young audiences from the outset, delivering a quick yet impactful start to each film.


Our focus was on a straightforward and effective sequence that aligned seamlessly with SF’s brand, creating a memorable introduction for their kids’ movie lineup.

I wanted the main cinematic intro sequence to be like a dance number, choreographed by the characters on the fly, as kids make up the coolest things when grownups aren’t watching. We gave the characters different personalities and then let those guide how the little spherical friends would act and move throughout the sequences.

After script and storyboard was approved and I also had received a draft of the music to follow, I made an fancy animatic in After Effects, animating the whole choreography with simple spheres representing the different characters, while being able to be in a 3D space and direct a camera in it for control.

I then handed the animatic over to a brilliant cell animator who’s name I have forgotten (and I am mortified that I can’t find it, but I know ONE person who might be able to help me with this) who then drew the whole sequence up, adding all the movements, facial expressions and happiness.

When we were happy with everything he made I took his sketched animation back into After Effects and filled in all the characters and comped the whole thing for delivery.



Enjoy some random shots from the project. More to come when I dig up the work files from a hard drive that is currently somewhere, somehow and sometime.