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Interland is a free, web-based game that makes learning the ways of the web a fun, engaging and hands-on experience. Kids are invited to play their way to Internet Awesome and become fearless explorers of the online world in a quest to deny hackers, sink phishers, one-up cyberbullies and outsmart oversharers.

In this project, my primary role was collaborating with the creative director to craft character designs and art direction for each game, ensuring they aligned with Google’s brand identity and purpose. I took the lead in directing character animation, camera work, and designing the visual language for the games and their levels.

Additionally, I spearheaded the creation of trailers to promote the games upon release, ensuring they effectively communicated the unique features and appeal of each title to the public. Overall, my responsibilities encompassed everything from guiding the creative vision to executing it in a way that resonated with the audience and reflected the essence of the Google brand.


Google Interland



What I Did

World design, character design, art direction, animation direction

We Delivered an Awesome Collection of four beautiful and educative games for kids

Achieving change all around the world. For teachers, a curriculum was designed with lesson plans that have received the ISTE Seal of Alignment. In the first four months, the curriculum was downloaded 30 000 times and Interland was played over 163 000 hours. Since it’s release, Google Interland has been localised in Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese, helping children all over the world to become safer online.

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