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Film title sequence

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I created the title sequence credits for a film about one of Sweden’s most beloved artists and his dramatic, contrast-filled and far too short life. His music has in many ways defined Swedish pop with ingenious lyrics by his brother Kenneth, full of life, love, pain and hope.


I was tasked with integrating credits into a title sequence that had already been edited and approved by the film company. This required adjusting to the established shot durations and tempo of the intro, ensuring all necessary information was included without making it feel rushed or out of place.


I maximized the available time in the intro to create a subtle and serene title sequence, where the credits were deliberately understated—almost invisible—to honor and complement the existing intro. This approach culminated in a playful (not really that playful to be honest) moment at the title reveal, where I masked the tennis ball moving in front of and then behind the film title plate, adding a touch of fun (again, not that fun but at least it’s something) to the sequence.


I’m truly pleased with the outcome and proud of my contribution, regardless of its scale within the broader context of the film. Navigating constraints to craft an element meant to be almost imperceptible was super fun, and it’s a challenge I would eagerly embrace again.

And again.

And again.

I don’t care about tennis.

At all.


Enjoy some random shots from the project. More to come when I dig up the work files from a hard drive that is currently somewhere, somehow and sometime.