As a world first, I got to produce a celebration of Spotify’s official U.S. launch through a promo video—a happy and playful mix of fun illustrations and text animations, all bouncing along to an irresistibly stompy tune by the marvel that is Tobias Norberg. This project was a great little journey, brought to life with the help from a couple of brilliant clients and illustrators. It’s not just a video; it’s an invitation to the joy of music discovery. Come along and feel the beat with the moustached drummer man!

What I did

Promo video / Ad





Magnus V Östergren : Production monkey
Carl Waldekranz : Creative lead
Kaj Drobin : Art direction
Tobias Norberg : Music
Awards & Mentions


Have a look. It’s old but still cute I think.


The client’s request was for me to produce a fun and different video explaining and selling why Spotify was the best spanking new service for music consumers, while also pushing it’s fancy features.


We leaned into- and played with the sketchy hand drawn style that Spotify was using at the time, had an awesome bouncy jazz track produced for it, and animated text and illustrations for the whole thing while hoping that Spotify would actually start paying all the artists for the music they put on the platform, and not only pay the record companies while the artists got scraps.