A collaboration with The Mill+ for the 2014 OFFF Festival led to the creation of Skazka: an interactive digital experience blending film, WebGL 3D, hand painted textures and multidimensional eggs. The users got to explore and create within this abstract world, looking into other dimensions as well as creating something of their own to share with others.

Through sharing their imaginative endeavors via small video clips, participants contributed to an experimental and collaborative space, much like the OFFF festival is in itself.


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[SKAZKA] A Russian fairy tale or folktale (Russian: ска́зка; skazka; “story”; plural Russian: ска́зки, romanizedskazki) is a fairy tale from Russia.


When N.Y-based powerhouse The Mill+ asked us to come up with an idea for a browser based experience to accompany their film for the 2014 OFFF Festival in St. Petersburg we could only say HOLY CRAP YES.


Collaborating closely with The Mill+ in New York, we embarked on the creation of the Skazka interactive experience, a project that seamlessly intertwines filmed material, 3D models, and organic textures. By melding these elements together, we constructed a captivating abstract world that invites users on a journey of exploration and creativity. Within this immersive environment, users are not only empowered to unleash their creativity but also encouraged to share their unique creations with others. Through the generation of small video clips, participants can showcase their imaginative endeavors, fostering a vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts alike.

  • Main page wehere the visitors could float round and experience giant dancers moving through the landscape.
  • A giant space-eye was watching the whole thing from above, shining it ‘s light on different parts of the world as it searched for the true meaning of me putting way too much time into this project I guess.
  • An extra-dimensional egg in the center of the scene was a portal to another version of the same world, but brighter, more full of hope. Don’t ask me why but it looked really nice.
  • The users could pick up a brush and paint whatever they liked in the world to leave to other visitors of the SKAZKA experience
  • You could also record a GIF of your actions inside the world and share with others.


The SKAZKA digital experience became an experimental, creative and collaborative experience where we let the visitor explore and get lost in this alternate world, to  create something of their own, and then share the experience with others.