While working in digital storytelling and motion graphics, I missed an online collab tool for working on concepts, mood boarding story dev, story boarding or just getting board prints that didn’t look like shit.

So I designed my own and teamed up with Thomas (product dev) and Viktor (business dev), and got a very promising beta off the ground.

Then we went broke. Well well, it’s the journey, not the destination, as they say.

Designing Shotbox was a great journey and a needed break from film and commercial work that challenged us to craft an intuitive interface that empowered creators to bring their narratives to life.

The challenge lay in balancing simplicity with robust functionality, ensuring a user-friendly experience while catering to the diverse needs of storytellers.

Navigating the complexities of collaborative features and real-time editing added an extra layer of headaches, as we wanted to make Shotbox not only a creative tool but a dynamic, shared space for storytelling enthusiasts.

The process was an awesome mix of innovation, problem-solving, and the sheer joy of enabling storytellers to visualize their narratives effortlessly.