Nike’s Phenomenal Shot shows the world’s greatest players in moments of unpredictable brilliance. Fans can capture, remix and share their own perfect shot–all in an immersive 3-D experience that uses new real-time ad delivery technology.


On this fun project I designed the overall look and also the customized pipeline to get posed 3D characters from animation studio Passion Picturesover to our WebGL engine, and lighting design and texture setups for the final look of the experience.



Working with Nike was an amazing opportunity and put huge expectations on my team at Goo Technologies. A pipeline was created where after a particularly spectacular goal was scored in the World Cup, the scene would be re-created in 3D and exported to our custom WebGL creation tool where the user could customize the scene of the goal and share it with their friends. The biggest challenge we overcame was maintaining the speed at which assets could be collected from the international team of creative agencies, put into our creation tool and delivered to users as fast as we possibly could while at the same time maintaining the quality expected from a client like Nike.

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